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Guarantee policy

Services before-sale:

1.Set the business sites for buyer:, we have the overseas sales team for special follow, each buyer can send the inquiry easily by email, make telephone or via online tools like MSN, Skype, and so on, our sales man will supply free technology services & whole solution quickly;
2.After get clients’ first inquiry, we will consider it carefully, study the situation of the application and other requirements, team up the related staff and workers promptly, give the clients design program in details with quotation to help find the products wanted as soon as possible;
3.Help buyer finalize the order and follow up relevant working include how to arrange payment, how to shipment, etc, so help clients save some money and time.

Services in-sales:

1.Try the best to meet the reasonable demands by clients provisional changed;
2.Try our best to provide customization for some special order;
3.Keep close touch with the clients during the period of production, before ex-factory testing, submit relevant production report for buyer check the status;
4.Cooperation friendly with the clients for delivery & shipping; satisfy the clients with the best quality intelligent card system.

Service after-sale:

1.Normal products have one year guarantee and whole life maintenance, free for charge. We charge materials cost only if the products are out off guarantee.
2.For install, operating and testing problem, our sales man and technical staff will provide online service and follow up;
3.VIP user can download and upgrade the related operating software of our products freely from our company website, contact with the relevant sales man, VIP user can get the upgrade tools (include the hardware and software) for upgrade or change the products function;
4.We supply the upgraded system controlling software and hardware device free for expense to long-term cooperation participator;
5.Check the quality of appliance, do maintenance job and ask good suggestion from clients on a regular time schedule.

Training services:

We give free training to all of our customer on how to select, install and use our special smart card system, like some big project: remote control parking system and passage management system etc, make sure that your operator can get basic and correct knowledge on installing, operating the system safely and practiced, avoiding system trouble because of wrong operating, our free training will let your operator know how to resolve simple system breakdown problem, try our best to keep the system working in good condition and satisfy your requirements.
Our main office is in Shenzhen city, china. You can enjoy our all-round and thoughtful services from our office.
Please call our telephone: +86 -755-83673820
Or visit our company website at:

Or contact with our sale team direct: Email:
Executable from 01/01/2008.
Shenzhen Newabel reserves the right of final explanation for this guarantee.



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