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Intelligent Lock Series
CHD2100-J5BT Bluetooth Access Control Cabinet Lock

Using American Bluetooth technology agreement,   best compatibility and RF capacity. easy to install, good waterproof grade, easy to update, having keys and manual to open is available, Grade III lighting protection, SMT technologies etc

产品概述 规格参数 包装清单 系统拓扑图

CHD2100-J5BT intelligent Bluetooth access control cabinet lock is the newest patented product of our company, based on the normal cabinet lock, Bluetooth technology to develop this intelligent cabinet lock. It integrates the Bluetooth module, access controller with the electronic cabinet lock, make it all in one, easy to install and test, it also has the special security specification of the Bluetooth technology and RS485/422 network communicating to make the In & Out control management system. it has network security and monitor function, usually used in the IDC cabinet, NONE People on duty integration base station, database room etc. area that required monitoring function. It uses electronic intelligent to control, Bluetooth to open lock, with multi functions, safety and reliable.

Our cabinet Lock can connect to the Smartphone all over the world.

          Access Control Functions

 Access Control Authorized:: Max 65536 user.

 Software Authorized: using software to authorize (advice to use software to do the authorization);

 Events Records: max 65536pcs (extended is available), if more than 65536pcs records the newest record will replace the oldest record;

 RS485 Network communicate, live monitor Door Status, handler status, live time etc.;

1 way Photoelectric isolated input as the external door sensor;

Emergency happens, using mechanical keys to open the lock.

          Door open method

Bluetooth App to open;

Remote control to open;

Mechanical keys to open.




170MM(L)X 45MM(W)X 60MM(h)±5%



Net weight


Power supply

Rated working voltage:12VDC

Input voltage range:10.8VDC-13.2VDC

Working currency:Working currency 150mA,

Min power supply:1000mA/12V DC input


Working:     -10℃~ +50℃

Non- Working:   -20~60℃


Working  20%~90%RH

Non- Working: 20~90%

Working status

green light on when legal door open, red light on when illegal door open


Support different kinds of EM card, better for Key fob cards

Bluetooth specification

Bluetooth 4.0&Bluetooth BT2.1+EDR

Support System

IOS, Android, Windows

Working Time

more than 350 thousand times

Communication way


Door open method

Bluetooth App to open;Remote control to open; Mechanical keys to open.



Provide the detailed User Manual (including Products Functions Introductions, install and test steps, packing list, reminds and Breakdown Maintenance etc.) and the communicate protocol.


Information Name


User Manual

After read the manual, user can know the technical parameters, functions, installing manual etc.

Communicate Protocol

CHD2100J5 Integration Access Control Cabinet Lock Communicate Protocol




13713887547 13824307794



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